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Jane Breen

Research interests: modelling and analysis of real-world dynamical systems using matrix theory and discrete structures such as graphs/networks.

Daniel Hoornweg

Taking a systems approach, my research focuses on how we might build better cities. This includes material flow analysis (especially energy and solid waste), transportation, and the local science and politics of sustainability.

Salma Karray

Research interests: Marketing models; Game theory and optimization; Marketing analytics; Supply chain management.

Jeremy Bradburry

Research interests: software engineering, software quality assurance, testing and analysis, bug detection and repair, multicore software, concurrency, open source software, software visualization, human-centered software engineering, empirical software engineering, search-based software engineering.

Kamal Smimou

Research interests: analytics and financial innovation; risk management & optimization, quantitative finance; derivatives securities: commodity futures, currency options; energy economics and energy financial management. I am also interested in various modelling problems and theoretical works in finance and economics.

Eleodor Nichita

Research Interests: nuclear-reactor physics, particle and radiation transport, computational radiation dosimetry, general modelling of physical processes. Current projects focus on nuclear-reactor dynamics, hybrid (deterministic-Monte-Carlo) methods for PDEs applied to neutron, photon and electron transport and radiation dosimetry of radiation-sensitive organs.

Faisal Qureshi

Research interests: Faisal Qureshi is a professor of computer science at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, where he directs the visual computing lab. Visual computing lab is involved in a number of research projects residing at the intersection of applied computer vision, visual sensor networks, computer vision at scale, and machine learning.

Mark Green

Research interests: 3D display devices and algorithms with a particular emphasis on computational holography. Current projects include enhancing our holographic display device and improving algorithms to include hidden surface removal and modern illumination models. Also interested in medical image processing with a concentration on deformable organs.