Sean Bohun


Research interests: Mathematical modelling and breaking down the barriers between the mathematical sciences and other disciplines, fields and industries; real-life problems from both industry and greater society

Jane Breen

Research interests: modelling and analysis of real-world dynamical systems using matrix theory and discrete structures such as graphs/networks.

Luciano Buono


Research interests: Bifurcation theory of nonlinear dynamical systems with symmetry and its applications. Recent projects include coupled networks, nonlocal models for animal aggregation and celestial mechanics.

Anatoli Chkrebtii


Research Interests: solid state physics, semiconductors and their surfaces and nanomaterials, nonlinear optical phenomena and, electronic structural and dynamical properties of novel materials.

Mehran Ebrahimi


Research interests: Mathematical imaging and inverse problems; developing and validating efficient numerical methodologies for solving real-world, ill-posed inverse problems in the field of medical imaging.

Yan Fossat

Research interests: Digital Medicine; Digital biomarkers; Vocal biomarkers; Control systems. Medicine and clinicians rely on data to diagnose, prognose, and monitor patients. These are often single values that miss out on the dynamic nature of physiology. Yan's lab employs methods from engineering, applied mathematics, and dynamic system theory to develop non-invasive digital biomarkers.

Mark Green

Research interests: 3D display devices and algorithms with a particular emphasis on computational holography. Current projects include enhancing our holographic display device and improving algorithms to include hidden surface removal and modern illumination models. Also interested in medical image processing with a concentration on deformable organs.

Hendrick de Haan


Research interests: Biopolymer translocation through nanopores, biomolecules in an array of nanopits, magnetic nanoparticles as contrast agents in MRI, bacterial "twitchers" motility across surfaces.

Daniel Hoornweg

Taking a systems approach, my research focuses on how we might build better cities. This includes material flow analysis (especially energy and solid waste), transportation, and the local science and politics of sustainability.

Salma Karray

Research interests: Marketing models; Game theory and optimization; Marketing analytics; Supply chain management.

Greg Lewis


Research interests: bifurcation analysis of large-scale systems with applications to flow transition in geophysical fluids, such as the atmosphere. I am also interested in various modelling problems in medical imaging and biology

Fedor Naumkin


Research interests: theoretical and computational chemistry, chemical physics, interdisciplinary nanoscience; electronic-structure methods for polyatomic systems.

Eleodor Nichita

Research Interests: nuclear-reactor physics, particle and radiation transport, computational radiation dosimetry, general modelling of physical processes. Current projects focus on nuclear-reactor dynamics, hybrid (deterministic-Monte-Carlo) methods for PDEs applied to neutron, photon and electron transport and radiation dosimetry of radiation-sensitive organs.

Markus Piro

Research interests: multi-physics simulations of material behaviours with a particular focus on nuclear fuel, which includes computational thermodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, and continuum mechanics.

Faisal Qureshi

Research interests: Faisal Qureshi is a professor of computer science at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, where he directs the visual computing lab. Visual computing lab is involved in a number of research projects residing at the intersection of applied computer vision, visual sensor networks, computer vision at scale, and machine learning.

Amir Rastpour

Research Interests: applications of operations research and statistics in the health care sector; applying queuing theory, count regression models and empirical analysis methods to problems in the health-care sector; solving quasi-birth–death (QBD) processes with applications in analyzing real-world health care problems

Kamal Smimou

Research interests: analytics and financial innovation; risk management & optimization, quantitative finance; derivatives securities: commodity futures, currency options; energy economics and energy financial management. I am also interested in various modelling problems and theoretical works in finance and economics.

Isaac Tamblyn


Research interests: New properties of condensed matter systems; complex phenomena in many-body systems; first-principles electronic structure methods, quantum molecular dynamics, and analytical many-body theories.

Lennaert van Veen


Research interests: Applications of dynamical systems theory and computational science, including fluid dynamics, mathematical neuroscience, and pattern formation.

Ed Waller


Research interests: Radiation science and engineering, with a strong emphasis on health physics.

Mohammad Hassan Khatami

Postdoctoral Fellow

Post-doctoral researcher under the supervision of Dr. Hendrick W. de Haan

Parikshit Bajpai


Research interest: Computational thermodynamics and optimisation algorithms for multi-physics, multi-scale simulations of nuclear fuels.

Başak Çakmak


Working with Dr. Greg Lewis and Dr. Lennaert van Veen

Nicole Drossis


Working with Dr. Hendrick W. de Haan.

Nicholas Faulkner

PhD. Student

Research interests: Kolmogorov-Arnold-Moser theory for equivariant Hamiltonian systems, applications to coupled map lattices, celestial mechanics and other systems.

Working with Luciano Buono.

Amirhossein Ghazi

Working with Dr. Nader Azad and Dr. Salma Karray

Robert Minnings


Andrew Nagel


Research interests: Using computer simulations to study the motility of bacterial twitchers.

Working with Dr. Hendrick W. de Haan.

Eric Ng


Working with Dr. Lennaert van Veen.

Derick Smith


Working with Dr. Greg Lewis.

Jonathan Adams


Research interests: Specifics of rod-like colloids forming into bundles.

Working with Dr. Hendrick W. de Haan.

Tahmina Akhter

Working with Dr. Kamal Smimou

Amin Alimoradi

Working with Dr. Nader Azad

Abraham Amini

Working with Dr. Amir Rastpour

Georges Karagozian

Working with Dr. Markus Piro

Darryen Sands

Working with Dr. Jane Breen

Saadat Shah

Working with Dr. Hendrick de Haan

Jaycee Kaufman


Application of dynamic models to human physiology, specifically in regards to human homeostasis.

Working with Lennaert van Veen.

Andree Qi


Research Interests: Mathematical modeling on biological systems, and simulations on bacterial collective motion.

Working with Lennaert van Veen

Azad Aminpour


Research Interests: Computer Vision, Machine/Robotic Vision and, Medical Imaging.

Working with Dr. Mehran Ebrahimi.

David Babalola


Research interests: Imaging a reacting molecule by analyzing the spatial distribution of the fragments when the ionized atoms explode due to their mutual Coulomb repulsion.

Working with Sean Bohun.

Marcos Machado


Research Interests: Artificial intelligence applications to study business problems, usage of machine and deep learning to analyze, optimize and predict customer churn, credit risk and customer lifetime value.

Martin Magill


My work is in computational nanobiophysics, which is the study of biological structures on the nanometric scale using physics and computer simulations. My current focus is in polymer physics, especially polymer interactions with nanopores

Kyle Mills


Research interests: computational materials science techniques to investigate lightweight metal matrix composites.

Working with Dr. Isaac Tamblyn.

Mia Mojica


Research interests: Cardiac diffusion imaging, cardiac atlas construction, image deblurring, and denoising.

Working with Dr. Mehran Ebrahimi.

Camelia Yazdani


Research interests: Modeling dissolution rate of carbonate minerals e.g. calcite in aqueous solutions, kinetics of the reactions and diffusion of the molecular and ionic species in closed as well as open carbonate systems

Working with Sean Bohun.

Leanna Calla


Research interests: Model and improve methods to determine Post Mortem Interval (PMI) using entomology and environmental data.

Working with Dr. Sean Bohun and Dr. Helene LeBlanc

Eryn Frawley

MSC. STUDENT (alumnus)

Research interests: modelling of semiconductor lasers as delay differential equations, instabilities in nonlinear initial-boundary value problems and modeling animal aggregation patterns..

Working with Luciano Buono.

Chris Beeler


Rory Coles


Working with Dr. Isaac Tamblyn.

Brady Metherall


Research interests: Modeling super paramagnetic structures. The behavior of the components depends on their size and relative configuration, the net effect of combining these components leads to innovative properties of the composite itself.

Working with Sean Bohun.

Kamyar Nazeri

MSc. Student (ALUMNUS)

Research interest: Structured deep learning and generative models for image enhancement, image inpainting, super-resolution, and image registration.

Working with Mehran Ebrahimi.

Daniel Pasut

MSc. Student (alumnus)

Research interests: Optimal population of a biological scaffold using magnetic microbeads and optimal control theory.

Working with Sean Bohun.

Wenyue Yang

MSC. STUDENT (alumnus)

Research interests: Using mathematical modeling, dynamic system theory and some high dimensional variables selection methods to study cardiac arrhythmia.

Working with Lennaert van Veen.

Richard Drake

Support Staff

Role: IT support for all affiliated labs.

Vicky Pearce

Support Staff

Role: Departmental Administrative Assistant

Armin Sobhani

Support Staff

Role: High Performance Computing consultant, affiliated with UOIT and SHARCNet.