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Richard Drake

Support Staff

Role: IT support for all affiliated labs.

Robert Minnings


Rory Coles


Working with Dr. Isaac Tamblyn.

Salma Karray

Research interests: Marketing models; Game theory and optimization; Marketing analytics; Supply chain management.

Sancgeetha Kulaseharan

MSC. STUDENT (alumnus)

Research Interest: Working on combined texture and morphometric analyses of MR imaging to identify focal cortical dysplasia in children with focal epilepsy.

Working with Mehran Ebrahimi.

Sean Bohun


Research interests: Mathematical modelling and breaking down the barriers between the mathematical sciences and other disciplines, fields and industries; real-life problems from both industry and greater society

Vicky Pearce

Support Staff

Role: Departmental Administrative Assistant

Wenyue Yang

MSC. STUDENT (alumnus)

Research interests: Using mathematical modeling, dynamic system theory and some high dimensional variables selection methods to study cardiac arrhythmia.

Working with Lennaert van Veen.