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Leanna Calla


Research interests: Model and improve methods to determine Post Mortem Interval (PMI) using entomology and environmental data.

Working with Dr. Sean Bohun and Dr. Helene LeBlanc

Lennaert van Veen


Research interests: Applications of dynamical systems theory and computational science, including fluid dynamics, mathematical neuroscience, and pattern formation.

Lorraine Ma


Research Interests: Medical image registration schemes for Cardiac MRI.

Working with Mehran Ebrahimi.

Luciano Buono


Research interests: Bifurcation theory of nonlinear dynamical systems with symmetry and its applications. Recent projects include coupled networks, nonlocal models for animal aggregation and celestial mechanics.

Marcos Machado


Research Interests: Artificial intelligence applications to study business problems, usage of machine and deep learning to analyze, optimize and predict customer churn, credit risk and customer lifetime value.

Mark Green

Research interests: 3D display devices and algorithms with a particular emphasis on computational holography. Current projects include enhancing our holographic display device and improving algorithms to include hidden surface removal and modern illumination models. Also interested in medical image processing with a concentration on deformable organs.

Markus Piro

Research interests: multi-physics simulations of material behaviours with a particular focus on nuclear fuel, which includes computational thermodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, and continuum mechanics.

Martin Magill


My work is in computational nanobiophysics, which is the study of biological structures on the nanometric scale using physics and computer simulations. My current focus is in polymer physics, especially polymer interactions with nanopores