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Jeremy Bradburry

Research interests: software engineering, software quality assurance, testing and analysis, bug detection and repair, multicore software, concurrency, open source software, software visualization, human-centered software engineering, empirical software engineering, search-based software engineering.

Jonathan Adams


Research interests: Specifics of rod-like colloids forming into bundles.

Working with Dr. Hendrick W. de Haan.

Kamal Smimou

Research interests: analytics and financial innovation; risk management & optimization, quantitative finance; derivatives securities: commodity futures, currency options; energy economics and energy financial management. I am also interested in various modelling problems and theoretical works in finance and economics.

Kamyar Nazeri

MSc. Student (ALUMNUS)

Research interest: Structured deep learning and generative models for image enhancement, image inpainting, super-resolution, and image registration.

Working with Mehran Ebrahimi.

Kevin Green

PhD. Student (alumnus)

Research interests: Mathematical neuroscience, equivariant bifurcation theory, scientific computing.
Alumnus, currently at the Numerical Simulation Research Lab.

Kevin Ryczko

PhD. Student (alumnus)

Research Interests: studying liquid water-metal interfaces to understand the fundamentals of water electrolysis

Kinza Bakhtiar


My research involves the study of energy balance models with an emphasis on climate change modelling.

Working with Dr. Greg Lewis.

Kyle Mills


Research interests: computational materials science techniques to investigate lightweight metal matrix composites.

Working with Dr. Isaac Tamblyn.