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Ghazaleh Ahmadian


Research Interests: Medical Image Registration

Working with Dr. Mehran Ebrahimi.

Greg Lewis


Research interests: bifurcation analysis of large-scale systems with applications to flow transition in geophysical fluids, such as the atmosphere. I am also interested in various modelling problems in medical imaging and biology

Hendrick de Haan


Research interests: Biopolymer translocation through nanopores, biomolecules in an array of nanopits, magnetic nanoparticles as contrast agents in MRI, bacterial "twitchers" motility across surfaces.

Isaac Tamblyn


Research interests: New properties of condensed matter systems; complex phenomena in many-body systems; first-principles electronic structure methods, quantum molecular dynamics, and analytical many-body theories.

Jeremy Bradburry

Research interests: software engineering, software quality assurance, testing and analysis, bug detection and repair, multicore software, concurrency, open source software, software visualization, human-centered software engineering, empirical software engineering, search-based software engineering.

Jonathan Adams


Research interests: Specifics of rod-like colloids forming into bundles.

Working with Dr. Hendrick W. de Haan.

Kamal Smimou

Research interests: analytics and financial innovation; risk management & optimization, quantitative finance; derivatives securities: commodity futures, currency options; energy economics and energy financial management. I am also interested in various modelling problems and theoretical works in finance and economics.

Kamyar Nazeri

MSc. Student

Research interest: Structured deep learning and generative models for image enhancement, image inpainting, super-resolution, and image registration.

Working with Mehran Ebrahimi.