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Faisal Qureshi

Research interests: Faisal Qureshi is a professor of computer science at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, where he directs the visual computing lab. Visual computing lab is involved in a number of research projects residing at the intersection of applied computer vision, visual sensor networks, computer vision at scale, and machine learning.

Fedor Naumkin


Research interests: theoretical and computational chemistry, chemical physics, interdisciplinary nanoscience; electronic-structure methods for polyatomic systems.

Ghazaleh Ahmadian


Research Interests: Medical Image Registration

Working with Dr. Mehran Ebrahimi.

Greg Lewis


Research interests: bifurcation analysis of large-scale systems with applications to flow transition in geophysical fluids, such as the atmosphere. I am also interested in various modelling problems in medical imaging and biology

Hendrick de Haan


Research interests: Biopolymer translocation through nanopores, biomolecules in an array of nanopits, magnetic nanoparticles as contrast agents in MRI, bacterial "twitchers" motility across surfaces.

Isaac Tamblyn


Research interests: New properties of condensed matter systems; complex phenomena in many-body systems; first-principles electronic structure methods, quantum molecular dynamics, and analytical many-body theories.

Jane Breen

Research interests: modelling and analysis of real-world dynamical systems using matrix theory and discrete structures such as graphs/networks.

Jaycee Kaufman


Application of dynamic models to human physiology, specifically in regards to human homeostasis.

Working with Lennaert van Veen.