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David Babalola

PhD. Student

Research interests: Imaging a reacting molecule by analyzing the spatial distribution of the fragments when the ionized atoms explode due to their mutual Coulomb repulsion.

Working with Sean Bohun.

Derick Smith


Working with Daniel Hoornweg and Lennaert van Veen on measuring and modelling sustainability.

Driss Yakoubi

Postdoc (ALUMNUS)

Research interests: turbulence modelling, finite element and spectral methods, numerical methods for initial-boundary value problems. Affiliated with the Fields thematic program

Ed Waller


Research interests: Radiation science and engineering, with a strong emphasis on health physics.

Eleodor Nichita

Research Interests: nuclear-reactor physics, particle and radiation transport, computational radiation dosimetry, general modelling of physical processes. Current projects focus on nuclear-reactor dynamics, hybrid (deterministic-Monte-Carlo) methods for PDEs applied to neutron, photon and electron transport and radiation dosimetry of radiation-sensitive organs.

Eric Ng


Working with Dr. Mehran Ebrahimi.

Eryn Frawley

MSC. STUDENT (alumnus)

Research interests: modelling of semiconductor lasers as delay differential equations, instabilities in nonlinear initial-boundary value problems and modeling animal aggregation patterns..

Working with Luciano Buono.

Eva Kasanda

Research interests: meta bifurcation analysis of cardiac arrhythmia.

Working with Lennaert van Veen.