Welcome Back Seminar: Why companies are hiring mathematicians again.

Jamil Jabbour and Behzad Nikzad


October 16, 2018 - 2:15 pm


October 16, 2018 - 3:30 pm


UOIT, North Oshawa campus, UA 2130   View map


Speakers: Jamil Jabbour (RBC) and Behzad Nikzad (ML Gap)

Behzad Nikzad (MCSC MSc, graduated 2015) will explain “Why companies are hiring mathematicians again”.
Abstract: In the 1970s there was a boom of hiring mathematicians for work in every field, because they could figure out solutions to unknown problems. Then the fields specialized and no one was hiring mathematicians anymore. With the advent of machine learning tools, hiring mathematicians is in vogue again. In this talk I will talk about the path I took to uncover my identity as a data scientist. I will give an overview of the tools I learned and the soft skills required to succeed in the field. I will also talk about why students from UOIT’s MCSC program are uniquely suited to enter the field of data science.
Jamil Jabbour (MCSC MSc, graduated 2015) will speak about his trajectory from UOIT to RBC.